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Alesund chamber music festival 2017

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On the occasion of the Norwegian Society of Composers 100 year anniversary, Aalesund chamber music festival 2017's focus will manly prioritize new Norwegian music. Our largest event this year will be the premiere of Bjørn Morten's violin concerto, written exclusively for the festivals artistic leader, Ai-ling Chiu and Aalesund chamber music solists. Furthermore, the festival opens with yet another premiere - a string quartet by the local composer Kjell Flem, written for Aalesund string quartet. This years concert consists of no more than seven concerts. Among those, you will find new music, Norwegian music, European music, Asian music, music for children and jazz music.

Throughout the chamber music festival, you will get a chance to meet both new and old music in different environments. The festival accommodates its content both for children and adults. Take out family concert The Carnival of Animals as an example for this. For the adults would our evening concert Music and wine be a great choice for most. Our other concerts can be enjoyed by persons of all ages. We guarantee wonderful, exquisite music.

This years concert consists of top-class musicians. Among these, you will for instance find the Taiwanian string ensemble Counterpoint Ensemble, which for the first time in history performs in Norway during Aalesund chamber music festival. Other groups worthy of mention is Aalesund string quartet, Kristiansund wind quintet and NorthWest BigBand. The will also get a chance to meet some of Norway's top soloists, for instance our violinist Ai-Ling Chiu

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The concerts

Aalesund chamber music festival 2017 consists of the following 7 concerts + one musical religious service:

Opening concert

Thursday 15th of June, 20:00

Aalesund Chamber music festivals opening concert. Two premiere performances by Morten Gaathaug and Kjell Flem.

Kvandal, Madsen and Nielsen

Friday 16th of June, 19:00

On this concert you will among others meet the Kristiansund Wind Quintet.

Counterpoint Ensemble

Friday 16th of June, 19:00

Also plays in Fosnavåg konserthus Thursday 15th of June, 20:00. Professional string ensemble from Taiwan.

The carnival of animals

Saturday 17th of June, 12:00

Family concert. To make the event extra fun, we encourage children to dress up as their favorite animal.

Music and wine

Saturday 17th of June, 19:00

Nice evening with calm music and room for a chat.

Evening concert

Saturday 17th of June, 22:00

A night unlike any other. “Sacred concert” by Daniel Ellington. With, among others, NorthWest BigBand and Aalesund Chamber Coir.

Musical religious service

Sunday 18th of June, 11:00

A musical religious service in Aalesund church. Free entrance.

Closing concert

Saunday 18th of June, 19:30









The musicians showed a high level of quality, and gave the music good depth and varied dynamics. Maestro Engeset showed his capability of inspiring the musicians, but at the same time, he gave the orchestra time and space to unfold themselves both as individuals and as a group. Aalesund chamber music festival 2016 had a rich and varied repertoire. The closing concert consisted of solid international quality worthy of representing our nations classical culture.


2016, dice throw: 6
This was a night of supreme quality. The individual musicians of the chamber orchestra showed their best sides, conducted by Stig Nilsson. As a musician, it is quite easy to give the beat too much attention, so much so that one forgets to create music. This however, was not the case here. The audience was carried away to world beyond ours.


2014, dice throw: 6
[...] In the first movement, Schumann lets the deeper instruments be in dialog with the piano. Samuel Skrede and Linda Bønes delivered beautiful music together with Tor Øyvind Hummelsund. As the scherzo began, and as temperature got higher, Hummelsund played his instrument as if it was a game of elegance. The finale had a great drive and excited the audience.


2010, dice throw: 5

What is chamber music?

The defenition for chamber music can be diverse. At its basics, chamber music consists of a small number of players preforming music, more specifically classical music. The groups are usually  given names based on the number of players: duet, trio, quartet, quintet, and so on. This amount rarely goes beyond ten.  As to where the border between chamber music and orchestral music goes,  things get somewhat more difficult. There are however, certain traits to go after. In in contrast to orchestral music, the voices in chamber music are usually only played by one player. A good way to think about chamber music, is to compare it with the modern band.

From a historic perspective, chamber music have always been a central part of music, but over the years, the definition have changed. The term was originally used for music performed for the for the courts. In the baroque era, it changed more towards what we know it as today: Instrumental music for a smaller groups of musicians. Chamber music can be played by almost any composition of instruments, and anywhere one likes. Many of the more known composers, like Haydn and Mozart, wrote chamber music for home use as well as for professional use, making it a common sight among most groups of the society.

Chamber music is worth taking care of. Throughout Aalesund chamber music festival,  you will get a chance to experience new and old chamber music, both for children and for adults. By attending to our concerts, you will experience wild, beautiful, obscure, calm and wondrous music. Something will deffenetly suit any persons musical taste, as well as challenging them. Contemporary to the experience, and supporting the musicians, you are also helping to further the influence of classical music in out society - a subject of utmost importance today. Take with you family and friends, and enjoy the music! 


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